About Me

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Hello, I am Dennis Vreeke, a result-driven tech entrepreneur based in Amsterdam. My passion is to design innovative ecommerce websites and mobile applications.

A short word

Who am I? I am a result-driven entrepreneur, full-stack developer, ecommerce specialist and allround internet marketeer. Specialized in both Magento and WordPress. As a growth hacker I help online businesses to lead their competitive landscape. In case you want to reach out to me a talk about potential ways of collaboration. Please visit my LinkedIn profile and contact me there.

My main field of expertise embodies the combination of corporate strategy and technology, with a focus on cross-channel marketing and internationalization. My strong analytical and mathematical skills enable me to translate corporate strategies into specific goals and projects. I achieve my goals by cooperating with others but when called upon I can also provide leadership or work more independent. My work is characterized by efficiency, effectivity and care for details.

Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one..” Bill Gates

Other fields of experience include corporate strategy, internationalization strategy, internet marketing & strategy and team management. I have a wide academic background in research on inter-organizational relationships (Alliances and M&A's), market entry strategies and I am familiar with the latest developments in the IT-industry. As an IT entrepreneur, I obtained broad knowledge of eCommerce and internet marketing while starting a successful webshop. Also, I took part in the development of an innovative marketing platform while leading a software development team.

Particularly interested in strategic questions involving technology, internationalization, market entry and inter-organizational collaborations.



App & Web Development

I can design beautiful websites that achieve high conversion rates. Magento, WordPress or React Native are my number one tools.


Strategy & Product Development

My background is in strategic business management. I have strong analytical skills and experience as a product owner and developer.


Online Marketing & Ecommerce

I master all fields that are important for online marketing: SEO, SEA, Email marketing, conversion optimization and data-driven growth hacking.


Startup Advise & Growth Hacking

I help fellow entrepreneurs with growing their own startup. I show how to achieve growth in the most efficient and effective way.