About Me

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Hello, I am Dennis Vreeke, a result-driven tech entrepreneur based in Amsterdam. I design innovative ecommerce applications & help companies lead their competitive landscape.

A short word

Who am I? My name is Dennis. I catch fire inventing, coding & growing e-commerce solutions! 🔥🔥 As a serial founder 🚀, successful entrepreneur, and author, I am pioneering in the areas of innovation, strategy, online marketing and ecommerce. I call myself a full stack tech entrepreneur because in the past 12 years, I have developed, grown and sold 6 online startups. Additionally, I owned, led and sold an ecommerce agency with 15 employees, focusing on online marketing (SEO/SEA/CRO) and webshop development (Magento & WordPress).

My main field of expertise embodies the combination of corporate strategy and technology. I know how to define business goals & strategy and can seamlessly translate those to user-centered IT solutions with my programming skills as a full stack developer.

I can successfully create, scale and optimise software products & online startups:
✔ I founded & sold a successful e-commerce agency
✔ I created and sold 6 online startups (SaaS / Webshops)
✔ I published a book about becoming successful in e-commerce
✔ I led a team of online marketeers & software developers
✔ I graduated cum laude + I am certified in project management, full stack cloud development, & Google Cloud.

Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one..” Bill Gates

I enjoy meeting new people and hearing new perspectives. I am always open to listen to your idea's and to provide mentorship in becoming a successful online entrepreneur. Reach out if you want to talk to me about emerging tech, developing software products or sustainable development.

Professional Skills:
Business Strategy | E-commerce | Full Stack Developer | Online Marketing | Entrepreneurship | Product Development | SaaS | Agile Development | Online Startups | Google Cloud | DevOps | Machine Learning



App & Web Development

I can design beautiful websites that achieve high conversion rates. Magento, WordPress or React Native are my number one tools.


Strategy & Product Development

My background is in strategic business management. I have strong analytical skills and experience as a product owner and developer.


Online Marketing & Ecommerce

I master all fields that are important for online marketing: SEO, SEA, Email marketing, conversion optimization and data-driven growth hacking.


Startup Advise & Growth Hacking

I help fellow entrepreneurs with growing their own startup. I show how to achieve growth in the most efficient and effective way.